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Managed Medical Imaging (servicing Florida and Georgia) leases C-Arms to medical organizations throughout Florida and Georgia.  We offer both short-term and long-term C-Arm leasing options to our clients.




Organizations considering the lease of a C-Arm usually fall into one of three categories: 

  1. Temporarily Replace a C-Arm:  An organization has a problem with their C-Arm and needs to lease a C-Arm to ensure continued service to their patients.

  2. Augment an Existing Facility's Capabilities: An organization needs to lease a C-Arm because an increased number of patients.

  3. Equip a New Facility:  Provide an affordable option to a medical facility that needs a C-Arm but can't afford to buy one at the present time.

An organization that is interested in renting/leasing a C-Arm should consider the following factors:

  1. Exactly what you'll use the device for and who will use it.

  2. Realistically estimate the number of procedures that will require the use of the new C-arm.   Because organizations tend to overestimate the volume of new procedures, we suggest you reduce the number of new-case volume estimates by 20 percent.

  3. Assess reimbursement for the procedures to determine if leasing the C-Arm will be worthwhile.

Once you've determined that leasing a C-Arm is worthwhile to your practice, you'll need to assess what type of C-Arm would best meet your needs.



Assessing your surgical needs is a very important factor when selecting the right C-arm for your facility.


Lease a Full-Body C-Arm:


A full-body C-Arm has enough power, or anode current, to penetrate deep, dense tissues and allow visualization of target areas such as the lateral lumbar spine. The dual screen available in Full-Body C-Arms is essential to many surgical practices and pain management centers because the surgeon needs to visualize needle placement in two distinct planes.  Without the level of fluoroscopy available with Full-Body C-Arms, many pain management procedures fail.


Lease a Mini C-Arm (Mini-C):


A mini-C may serve all the needs of a Orthopedic and Podiatric centers.  Mini-Cs are relatively inexpensive, take up less space and can provide excellent image quality and ease of use without the need for a costly radiology tech.  Many Orthopaedic centers use Mini-C C-Arms for all their outpatient orthopaedic procedures including foot, ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, hand, forearm, and pediatric procedures.   The only downside of relying solely on the mini-C is that the center cannot perform any of the procedures necessary for a full-service pain management facility.


MMI will be glad to assist you in determining exactly what type of C-Arm meets your surgical and financial needs.  We consult with our clients on factors including X-ray tubes, shutter speeds, power supplies, and processors.  We help our clients differentiate between what the various C-arms have to offer and which system best meets their needs.

We lease the following models of OEC C-Arms:


Models Available: OEC 9800 | OEC 9600 | OEC 9400 | OEC 9000 | OEC 8800

OEC 9800

The OEC 9800 led the way for mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative X-ray imaging technology. It was built on the leadership and experience that comes from having thousands of systems installed world-wide.


MMI provides C-Arm leasing services for the OEC 9800 throughout Florida




OEC 9600

The OEC 9600 C-Arm is a multi-application system that provides solutions to the demanding needs of orthopedic surgery, general surgery, trauma work and pain management.

MMI provides C-Arm leasing services for the OEC 9400 throughout Florida and Georgia



OEC 9000

 The OEC 9000 C-Arm comes equipped with the Expanded Surgical Package which is a multi-application system that provides solutions to the demanding needs of orthopedic surgery, general surgery, trauma work, and pain management.


MMI provides C-Arm leasing services for the OEC 9000 throughout Florida and Georgia



OEC 8800

 The OEC 8800 C-Arm is a multi-application system.


MMI provides C-Arm leasing services for the OEC 8800 throughout Florida and Georgia

OEC 6600

The OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm

Mini 6600 is a compact, low dose, real time, digital fluoroscopy fluoroscopy system.  The smaller "C" mounts directly to a dual screen monitor cart via an articulating arm. Since the Mini 6600 utilizes a source to image distance (SID) of only 14.9 inches, it operates at significantly lower x-ray factors (microamps versus milliamps) than conventional C-Arms. In a typical imaging situation, the Mini 6600's scatter radiation level is a fraction of full-size imaging systems. Hospital operating and emergency rooms, surgery centers, clinics and doctor's offices can use the Mini 6600 to identify fractures and anomalies, guide hardware placements, locate foreign bodies and monitor interventions of all types.

OEC 7600

The OEC 7600 Mini C-Arm

The Compact 7600 Digital Mobile C-Arm, provides many of the features of a conventional mobile imaging system in a single, extremely compact, cost-effective platform. The most noticeable distinction of the system is the omission of a separate monitor cart. Instead, the Compact 7600 integrates the video monitor directly on the C-Arm mainframe. With the growth of surgical centers and outpatient clinics where space is a premium and cost efficient healthcare a must, the compact system is a great space-saving option to the full size C-Arm Imaging Systems.


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