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Managed Medical Imaging of Florida and Georgia provides affordable generic CT Injector syringes and MRI Injector syringes for hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide.




If you are looking for affordable non-brand injector syringes for your MRI or CT contrast injector, then you've found the right place.  We offer injector syringes for Medrad, Mallinckrodt, Liebel-Flarsheim and Bracco injectors.




These are not the same old generic syringes that can be found online. Our syringes do not need an adapter...they are specifically designed for each model of MRI/CT injector model. 


Our CT, MRI & Angio Contrast Injector Syringes are made of the highest quality materials and are available for the following:


  • Spectris - $580.50/case
  • Spectris Solaris EP - $580.50/case
  • MCT - $320.50/case
  • Vistron CT - $320.50/case
  • Envision CT - $320.50/case
  • Medrad Mark V Provis - $320.50/case


  • Optivantage - $535.50/case
  • Optistar LE - $635.50/case
  • Optistar Elite - $635.50/case
  • CT9000 - $325.50/case
  • CT9000 ADV - $325.50/case
  • EMpower CT - $245.50/case
  • EMpower CTA - $245.50/case
If you use a Medrad, Mallinckrodt, Liebel-Flarsheim or Bracco injector and are looking for the highest quality generic syringes at the best price, then contact us for a current price list. [

Reasons to buy generic syringes from Managed Medical Imaging, LLC
  • Local Stock - Our national distribution center is in South Florida so you can save on shipping costs and get resupplied very quickly should you run low on syringes.
  • EZ View Trays TM - Competing generic syringes often have clouded plastic trays that make it so the clinicians can waste syringes when they accidentally open the wrong type of syringe package. Our EZ View Trays save time and money!
  • No Minimum Orders
  • We guarantee and warranty our products
If you're already using generic syringes and would like to see why we are better, contact us today and we will be glad to send you a quote!



Affordable syringes for: Mark V Plus/ProVis | Envision | Spectris Solaris  | Angiomat Illumena | CT 9000 ADV | Medical Injector | CT Injector | MR Injector | MRI Injector | Contrast Injector


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