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Managed Medical Imaging (MMI) offers affordable X-Ray sales, X-Ray repair and Maintenance services throughout Florida and Georgia.  Our Florida X-Ray engineers and Georgia X-Ray repair engneers have comprehensive experience working on GE AMX-4 and AMX 4 Plus Portable Ray units.


Florida / Georgia AMX-4 Portable X-Ray Equipment Sales & Services:


MMI is a Florida X-Ray equipment company offering sales, repair services, preventive maintenance services and installation/ deinstallation services.  Our primary service area is in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County and we service the entire state of Florida as well as Atlanta, Georgia.


AMX 4 Portable X-RAy in Florida
Affordable AMX-4 Repair
Service for all of Florida


If you are looking for a Florida X-Ray repair  company or Georgia X-Ray repair company that services AMX-4 portables, contact MMI to learn more about our affordable services. 


We specialize in GE AMX portable X-Ray systems.  We also provide X-ray equipment sales and installation.



 AMX-4 Repairs, Preventive Maintenance & Digital Conversion:


Digital Conversion - Save 30%-40% off the price of a portable digital X-Ray System:  MMI offers an affordable option to portable digital X-Ray systems by converting your AMX-4 portable X-Ray to a digital X-Ray system.  MMI can upgrade your existing AMX 4 or you can purchase an AMX 4 with the digital upgrade already installed. 


AMX-4 Repairs and Preventive Maintenance:  MMI has experienced engineers that provide AMX-4 repairs throughout Florida.  Medical Centers and Hospitals use our preventive maintenance services to minimize the downtime of their systems.  And we have a supply of parts on hand for the more common repair needs.




Battery driven X-ray system

The AMX-4 packs high performance features into a package that's compact and maneuverable:


  • Exams without being plugged into electrical outlet.
  • Variable speed motor provide maneuverability.
  • A lightweight hand switch for comfortable alignment verification and exposure control.
  • Easy and intuitive positioning through 270-degree column rotation.
  • High image quality.


The image quality of a stationary system
With the AMX-4, there's no need to choose between patient comfort and quality of exam results. Capabilities such as these deliver the same level of image quality typically only achievable with stationary systems:

  • Its wide range facilitates even difficult lateral-hip and spine studies.
  • Digital microprocessor control delivers extremely accurate and consistent technique output from exposure to exposure, regardless of battery charge.
  • Excellent generator-output accuracy and reproducibility translate into excellent results the first time.
  • Closed-loop feedback regulates kVp throughout exposures, eliminating the voltage fluctuations traditionally associated with mobile units.

 Extraordinary reliability and durability

  • The AMX-4 is designed for nonstop performance in even the most taxing "bump and run" environments. Features include:
  • Maintenance-free, rechargeable lead/acid battery produces up to 50 exposures on a single charge.
  • A tube arm latch relieves column stress during transport, even over elevator thresholds and hall expansion joints.
  • Diagnostic software automatically initiates self-check at startup and streamlines troubleshooting should a problem arise.
  • Hand switch cord has a modular plug to make replacement a breeze.

Florida X-Ray Sales Consulting

Managed Medical Imaging will help you assess your X-ray equipment needs to help you make an informed buying decision. Our Miami, FL radiology equipment experts will evaluate your needs and provide the right products for your specific situation.


Florida X-Ray Repair Company


MMI provides C-Arm repair services and AMX-4 repair services in Florida in the metropolitan and surrounding areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Sarasota, Naples, and other Florida areas.


Georgia X-Ray Repair Company


Are you looking for a AMX-4 X-Ray repair company in Atlanta Georgia?  Contact us.




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Miami X-Ray Repair Sales of C-Arm and AMX-4 portable
MMI is seeking a Fuji-trained Field Engineer in Georgia.  - Details
MMI is seeking a Kodak/Carestream-trained CR Engineer in Florida or Georgia - Details

Providing Sales & Maintenance Services for:

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