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Managed Medical Imaging (MMI) provides a full range of sales, repair and maintenance service to Fuji CRs and Fuji Drypix medical imaging printers to clients throughout Florida and Georgia.  Our Fuji* certified engineers and experienced support staff are committed to our clients medical imaging equipment needs.  To learn more about Fuji CRs, click on any of the links below.  For additional information about our Florida Fuji CR sales and repair services, contact us.





FCR, Fuji CR Carbon Reader


Fuji CR Carbon XL & XC-2 Reader

Completely refurbished used Fuji Carbon is small and powerful. You get all the productivity and image quality of a full-size CR system in a size that fits in every imaging environment.


The Carbon XL is ideal for distributed applications such as inside the exam room or even a trauma bay with a speed of up to 94 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. With that flexibility, the Carbon XL is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods.


The Carbon XL is designed for smaller facilities with variable caseloads or remote applications with throughput speeds of up to 73 images/hour. It can supplement a DR room or offer redundancy when needed.  The Fuji Carbon CR is widely used in hospitals and medical centers throughout Florida and Georgia.  MMI services Fuji Carbon CRs throughout Florida, Alabama and Georgia and it is our preferred Fuji CR for most hospitals and medical centers.


MMI sells a lot of refurbished Fuji Carbon CRs.  They have proven to be very dependable and are only slightly more in cost than the refurbished Fuji Smart CR. 


Learn more about the Fuji Carbon CR

Learn more about the Fuji Capsula XL-2 CR


Fuji Prima A simple reader unit but with proven image quality and product durability.
  • Compact footprint, only 0.24m2
  • Stable and optimized images
  • Flexible reading in various sizes
  • Throughput of up to 29 images an hour
  • Repeated use of IP
The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact and lightweight reader units on the market.
The required space is comparatively smaller than other similar table-top systems and can be
installed in any open space.


Fuji Smart CR

A CR System for every room.
The Fuji Smart CR, with its compact 3 sq. feet footprint and throughput of up to 90 IPs/hour, is a powerful workhorse in a small package. Its small size makes the Fuji Smart CR ideal for low and medium volume or distributed imaging environments, such as imaging centers and clinics or even inside the exam room for maximum productivity.


MMI services a large number of Smart CRs throughout Florida.  It is a true "workhorse" CR and a mainstay piece of equipment in many Florida medical imaging centers and Georgia medical centers.  If you are looking for an affordable refurbished CR, this is one of the best CRs in the industry.  It was designed for hospital use so it is capable of meeting the needs of just about any private practice.


Learn more about the Fuji Smart CR

Fuji Cr, FCR, xg 5000, reader

Fuji XG 5000 Reader

The FCR XG 5000 Reader with all round versatility for superior diagnostic capability.


Our most versatile Computed Radiography Reader to date, the FCR (Fuji Computed Radiography) XG 5000, has been engineered and designed for even greater user friendliness and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for your general-purpose diagnostic needs.

  • High throughput - capable of reading approximately 165 imaging plates per hour
  • Convenient 4-cassette stacker for faster operation and extended network capability
  • Quick image delivery – 39 seconds from time of exposure (35x43cm) enabling quick turn around
  • Compact size – foot print of just 655mm x 740mm for greater convenience and versatility


Learn more about the Fuji XG5000 CR


MMI offers a wide range of Fuji CR repair, sales and services to clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville and other areas throughout Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.  MMI also specializes in Fuji medical imaging printer (Drypix 4000, Drypix 5000, Drypix 7000) maintenance, sales and repair services. 


  We support:

  • Fuji FCR-AC-3 CR
  • Fuji FCR AC-2 CR
  • Fuji FCR AC-1 CR
  • Fuji FCR 9501 CR
  • Fuji FCR 5000 CR
  • Fuji FCR 5000 R CR 
  • Fuji FCR XL-1 CR 
  • Fuji FCR XC-1 CR 
  • Fuji FCR AC3 CR
  • Fuji FCR AC2 CR
  • Fuji FCR AC1 CR
  • Fuji FCR XG 5000 CR
  • Fuji FCR XG 2000 CR
  • Fuji Carbon XL CR
  • Fuji Carbon XC-1
  • Fuji Carbon X CR
  • Fuji Smart CR CR
  • Fuji ClearView-1 CR
  • Fuji ClearView-CS CR
  • Fuji ClearView-D CR
  • Fuji ClearView-ES CR


If you are looking for a Miami Fuji CR repair company, a Fort Lauderdale Fuji CR repair company, then call MMI today!  We also service Georgia and Puerto Rico.


* Please note that MMI is not affiliated with in any way the FujiFilm Corporation.  We are an independent service company that provides repair and maintenance services on FujiFilm CR systems and related hardware. 


Download Fuji CR PDF You may download Adobe Reader for free at www.adobe.com .


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MMI is seeking a Kodak/Carestream-trained CR Engineer in Florida or Georgia - Details

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