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Managed Medical Imaging (MMI) is one of the largest, fastest growing X-Ray service companies in South Florida.  If you are seeking a company that can install your X-Ray machine or deinstall your X-Ray machine in Florida, Georgia or Alabama, please contact us for a quote.


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If you need to have an X-Ray machine installed or deinstalled or if you are moving your office and need to have your X-Ray machine moved to a new location, MMI can meet all of your needs.  We licensed and insured and are experts with a large variety of X-Ray systems.  We can safely move your X-Ray system, install it and complete the required state paperwork.   


We have decades of experience safely removing a wide variety of X-Ray machines.  There is almost no manufacturer or model we haven't installed or deinstalled.  Here are a few of the more common types/models of X-Ray machines we handle of a regular basis:


  • Universal ( Uni-matic 325, Unimatic 325D, Unimaster, HE425)

  • Del Medical ( HE425, VT207,  RadView, ATC 525, CM32, CM40, CM50, Anthem, Epex Omniflex)

  • Summit (Summit F-325, B300, 325E, Nova 320, Nova 325, Synergy, S112, Summit 300, L500, Spectra 30HF, Innovet

  • Amrad (L501)

  • Quantum (Quest HF, ODYSSEY HF, QG-65 )

  • GE ( Proteus, Brivo, Optima, Jedi )

  • Continental (TM-30, TM40L, TM50, TM65 and TM80 )

  • Bennett ( HFQ-4500P, HFQ-6000P, HFQ300, HFQ450, HFQ600, 300SE, Compumas   )

  • Tingle X-Ray / TXR (TXR 325D, SHF-310, TXR SHF, HFQ-300P, )

  • Americomp (Nova 325, Spectra 325, 325E, 300HF, Spectra 30HF)

  • Siemens (Polydoros SX50 & SX65, Polydoros LX 30/50, SE 4500, Heliophos D, Polymat)

  • Philips (Optimus 50, Super 80 CP, Medio 65, Integris )

  • Fischer (Athena)

  • CPI (Millenia, Indico 100, CMP 200 )

  • Sedecal (300 mA, SHF-410, HF Series )

  • Transworld (325V, A1-5020, 360V)

  • Gendex (325)

  • HCMI (DCX System HF300)


As we mentioned above, MMI is a service company offering medical imaging equipment sales and services to clients throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale as well as Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville and Georgia (Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Savannah) and Alabama and parts of the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and others).  We provide digital X-Ray services to South Florida hospitals and private practices in: 

  • Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill and surrounding South Florida areas
  • Miami, North Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Shores
  • Plantation, Davie, Cooper City, Sunrise, Tamarac Florida areas
  • Delray, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton
  • Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Hallandale

As a South Florida X-Ray equipment repair service company and X-Ray equipment sales company, we are very active in the South Florida medical community. 


MMI is located in Davie, Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Florida area) and provides on-site services throughout Fort Lauderdale and Miami (All of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties).



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